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Shrink Sleeve

Canadian based producers of shrink sleeve and tamper evident banding applicators, Aesus have a full range shrink sleeveof systems for production outputs of low, medium and high speeds.

ECO Machine – For the budget conscious the Eco Wrap sports the same powerful Servo Herma 400 head as higher end models but eliminates many bells and whistles to give a cost effective automatic shrink sleeve labeler. Speeds of over 100 per minute can be obtained. It includes a 7ft long Stainless Steel conveyor, 14 inch wrap belt, framed stainless stand.  Although economical this is a fine shrink sleeve labeler with a label dispense head that is so rugged and accurate that others have a hard time competing with its performance. Watch video.
shrink sleeve
DELTA Machine –
 For speeds up to 120 per minute the Delta-Wrap shrink sleeve labeller includes the powerful Servo Herma 400 PREMIUM head and a stainless steel enclosed base cabinet with an anodized aluminum top plate, and a 9’ long sanitary raised bed stainless steel conveyorshrink sleeve. The Stainless steel sloped control box with a Color touch panel has an Omron PLC with recipe management as standard, or an Allen Bradley PLC as an optional extra. The shrink sleeve labeller comes complete with a variable speed product separation wheel and 4” tall x 14” long wrap belt as standard.

PREMIER Machine – The premier range is a customer build for a specific shrink sleeve product or groups of products where super high speed is required. Capable of performance to outperform any of its peers.

Unique to all levels is the Servo Driven Mandrel application technique. This removes secondary side transfer, vacuum cups or any other movement forms to drive the sleeve directly onto the container. The end result is a more accurate and better controlled sleeve or band and a more uniform and consistent product in your consumer hands.

shrink sleeveOf equal importance to shrink sleeve or band application is the shrink process. This is actioned by using the latest in heat tunnel technology. A hybrid tunnel using steam and infra red heat is used for complex shapes, reducing the consumption of steam and increasing the shrink rates for a superior result.

The difference in performance is easy to see:

Servo Driven Shrink Sleeve Application – Accuracy is guaranteed by using the most programmable type of motor available. This combined with virtually no ongoing maintenance provides a benefit for consumer and the manufacturing process.

Wide Range of Shrink Sleeve Heat Tunnels – From steam only and simple electric, to hybrid combination tunnels of steam and infra red you can be assured of consistent performance and unsurpassed power consumption.

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