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  • Award winning resealable packaging, a first for fresh produce
  • Ultimate in tamper evidence
  • Infinitely scalable for large or small runs

Result Group is proud to announce its Grape N’ Go packaging showcasing the Fresh Lid resealable film has been featured in FIAL’s 4th Edition of Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovation book.  The book showcases 50 innovations from across the whole value chain that range from developing new processing techniques to reducing food waste, enhancing nutritional values, getting fresher products to customers or making Australian products stand out on international shelves.

For more information on how to order the book, visit FIAL’s website or click here.

Fresh Lid is a 100% recyclable multilayer lidding film with a re-closable function that keeps products fresh for longer. Already a multiple award winning product in Australia for its application to grapes packaging, Fresh Lid delivers reliable product protection, use after use, and portion after portion.  In fact, with Fresh Lid you can rest assured that the window of opportunity to tamper is minimised. Once sealed, the fully enclosed packaging will eliminate the risk of product coming into contact with spilt chemicals or other dangerous material during transportation, storage and shelf display. Keep your products safe, gain consumer confidence in your brand, standout in shelf-presence and reduce loss rates at retail and distribution level with Fresh Lid.

For more information, on Fresh Lid or our entire range of lidding film available for a myriad for applications contact Michael Dossor or Enquire here


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