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  • Time and temperature sensor
  • After opening freshness indicator
  • Suitable for fresh produce, pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Ideal for perishable exports

Result Group is pleased to announce it will distribute the FreshTag time-temperature indicator (TTI) labels that sign-post the freshness of food with easy to read colour codes.

Time-temperature indicator

FreshTag is a fully automated, time-temperature indicator ideally suited for managing perishable products in supply chains, at retailers, and with consumers. Also called intelligent packaging or sensory labels, FreshTag motivates changes in the behaviour of personnel who maintain chill chains and consumers which leads to better temperature control. Poor chill chain management within the supply chain and uncertainty about how long ago food packs were opened after purchase are a couple of the issues FreshTag labels can successfully address. Moreover, FreshTag assures the consumer that the product was properly handled and would thus indicate remaining shelf-life based on the actual time and temperature conditions experienced during distribution and handling.

There are several benefits of deploying sensory labels that have earned the trust of supply and distribution chains. The produce retains its quality better and shelf life can be extended, losses to temperature abuse are significantly reduced and a fresher product is delivered to customers. FreshTag is a much better and cost-effective solution to hardware-based sensory devices. There is reduced food wastage, and anyone can see the remaining product life easily. For stock management, the process gets simplified and standardised across the entire supply chain and there is a better indication of real product life compared to date codes. Furthermore, FreshTag labels go a long way in instilling consumer confidence in the quality of the produce, indicating that the food is still fresh for consumption. 

FreshTag is ideal for perishable exports. It is the way to resolve the need for a cost-effective method to individually monitor the condition of products throughout the distribution cycle and, at the same time, to provide consumers with much sought after information on product freshness,” said Michael Dossor, Group General Manager of Result Group.

FreshTag labels are customisable and allow for calibrating the needed time or temperature profiles to fit with a variety of fresh and perishable produce, for instance, fresh meats, vegetables and time or temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products. The tags can be used at various levels too, such as at the pallet, case, or individual item level.

Result Group has maintained its commitment to improving sustainability in packaging and saving precious food. The new collaboration will further add more value to its product offerings and help safeguard the environment, while also addressing a topic of great interest to us – the food waste issue

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